Otaku Matsuri Oklahoma

January 13th - 15th 2017

2501 Conference Dr, Norman, OK 73069, USA

The Lolita Lounge Events & Panels

The Lolita Lounge is for attendees dressed in Lolita or other Japanese fashions to socialize with other like-minded individuals in a safe and accepting environment.  This room will host some fashion themed events and panels throughout the convention and be equiped with fashion magazines, photo op locations, activities, and even hot tea! 
Please Note: Access to the Lolita Lounge will only be granted to individuals with a valid Otaku Matsuri badge (day, 2-day, or weekend).  A dress code to enter the Lolita Lounge is not inforced but rather encouraged. 

Lolita Tea Party -

This will be a formal Lolita Tea party with a very strict dress code.  To attend this tea party you will need to be dressed in a Lolita Coordinate.  This can include Lolita, Aristocrat, Ouji, or other similar fashions.  Your coordinates can be bought or handmade.  If you are not following the dress code you will not be allowed to attend regardless of whether or not you purchased a ticket to this event.  Refunds for not meeting the dress code guidelines will not be issued.   The Lolita Tea party will be on Saturday. Time TBA
VIP Ticket: $45.00, Regular Ticket: $35.00

Lolita Swap Meet-

We are hosting a Swap Meet inside the Lolita Lounge.  You can buy, sell, and trade new or used loliable items during this time.   You do not need to bring any items to swap in order to attend the swap meet.   There are two Swap Meets.  Swap Meet I is on Friday, January 13th at 6:00pm-7:00pm.  Swap Meet II is on Sunday, January 15th at 2:00pm- 3:00pm 

Lolita Fashion Show - ​CANCELLED

Another of the events we will be taking pride in is our Lolita Fashion show. We are still working on getting the details together for this event. The Fashion Show will be held in the main events room and will be available to all convention attendees.

Lolita PJ Party -  Friday 13th 7:00pm - Midnight

An evening of games and fun prizes!  Come dressed in your frilliest nighties and  spend your Friday night playing Victorian parlor games and watching a movie .  Prizes have been donated by Sweet Mildred and Star Glazed Delights .

JFashion Walk  - 

We will meet inside the Lolita Lounge Saturday, January 14th at 1:00pm to walk together to the shopping areas across the street as a large group promoting Japanese Street Fashion.  This event is taking place of the Lolita Fashion Show.  Dress warmly if you can, as we will be walking around outside.  **Event may be cancelled if weather gets bad**

Stay tuned for more events!!!


As we get Lolita's interested in running panels in the Lolita Lounge we will post them here.

Boystyle Fashion 101 - Friday, 13th 4:00pm

A beginner's guide to Japanese boystyle fashion. Come to this panel to learn where to shop, how to build an outfit, and much more! 
-Hosted by Ghost in the Forest

Meet and Greet in the Lolita Lounge - Daily 

A meet and greet hour for you to get to know the J-Fashion Guests in a casual setting!

Lolita 101 - Friday, 13th 3:00pm

-Petticoats, ruffles, and lace - Oh My! If the frilly world of lolita fashion seems overwhelming, worry not! This panel will cover lolita fashion and it's many styles: sweet, classic, gothic, and more! Get information on where to buy a lolita coordinate and stay for the Q&A following for all your unanswered questions about the fashion! 
-Hosted by Kylie Ames of Peppermint Rose

 Living Lovely in the Lolita Lifestyle. Possitivity and Support in Lolita Fashion - Saturday, 14th 11:00am

As an active member of multiple lolita communities since 2009, LovelyLor will discuss her own personal advice for staying positive while wearing lolita, even in the face of the general public's confusion towards the fashion and online criticism.  She has answered hundreds of lolita advice questions on her blog and knows how to navigate the world of lolita while always maintaining a positive outlook.  This panel will include a question and answer portion for the audience to ask their own questions, too!
-Hosted by LovelyLor

 Buying Lolita Second Hand from Japan - Sunday, 15th 11:00am

-Looking to get more "brand" for your buck? Learn how to shop for the best deals second-hand, straight from Japan like a veteran Lolita.  Your wardrobe (and wallet!) will thank you!
-Hosted by Mariah Brown